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"Oppression is our past. This is about democracy, I must continue." Muayed Naima

Muayed Naima, 1951 - 2005

Iraq The Model pays tribute to Muayed Naima.
December 06, 2005

"A week ago Iraqi lost a great talent
and a true patriot; Mo’ayad N’ima the great prolific cartoonist passed away of a heart attack at the age of 54 leaving us a rich heritage of artwork that had always touched our feelings and discussed our life, problems, and dreams in the most brief yet frank and telling way. (...) "

After Saddam's fall, Naima was free to depict in his work, the brutality of Saddam Hussein's regime. One of his cartoons Naima shows Saddam as a butcher chopping meat, a sign reading, "We specialise in mass graves."

"Now you are a nation of democracy and freedom, so would you kindly, if you don’t mind…please, I beg you to let me out so that I can kill some Iraqis again."

"It shows that killing is the only concern of these people, when you mock the people who are undertaking these acts, you are making others aware that these acts are illegal and immoral."

"Beheadings, killings and mutilation. No nation would accept that, so I had to concentrate my ideas around this subject. " Muayed Naima

Intellectuals in all fields (scientists, teachers, artists, writers...) had no choice but remain silent if they did not support Saddam's regime. If they were caught or suspected of disagreeing, they would face at the minimum, harassment and blackmail. More common were incarcerations, tortures and executions, often their family members and friends were also punished. Naima was imprisoned in 1979 for membership of the Iraqi Communist Party.

"There was a policeman in the mind of every Iraqi"
Muayed Naima

ITM - Omar,
June 16, 2005

"(...) Was the change in Iraq worth our sacrifices?
Are we ready to give more for the sake of freedom and democracy?
What's the highest price that we would pay to get our freedom?
Is it possible to keep the smiles on our faces while we bleed?
Is there something more valuable than freedom?
I believe this image has all the answers." Read it all at Iraq The Model

Happy id for everyone.
ITM - Omar
November 27, 2003

"This is the first id after Saddam's gone. I’d like you my brothers of all religions and convictions to share my happiness with me.
This is the first time I choose my id.
I can not tell you exactly how I feel but I believe the true feelings will find their way to the hearts of the good.
In the past and with every id we used to repeat an old Arabic verse that expresses our grieve, a verse that you would have heard from most of the Iraqis, it goes:
Oh id, With what sorrow you have come!
Oh id, (...)"

"Iraqi cartoonist Muayed Naima had to wait 35 years before he could draw what was on his mind.
But since Saddam Hussein was toppled, he has faced new pressure from Islamist militants who have threatened him because his work mocks their violence. He is not put off. (...)"
In "Iraqi cartoonists mock militants and America alike"
by Tom Perry
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - September 27, 2005

United Nations - Cairo conference
With all transperancy and clarity brother...
- Iraq The Model, by Mohammed

"I never had doubts in the hidden intentions of those in Iraq who keep saying that multinational troops must leave Iraq soon; they say their demands are essential for national sovereignty coming out of their patriotic feelings for Iraq while I see them as far as they could be from patriotism.

If those people put Iraq’s and Iraqis’ interests first, they wouldn’t have asked the US to leave Iraq while the troops missions are yet to be accomplished and the Iraqi national forces are still not capable of protecting the country and the citizens.(...)"

"A cartoon by Iraqi artist Muayed Naima shows a militant measuring the neck of his captive before beheading him with one of his knives. Naima had to wait 35 years before he could become a cartoonist once again."(Reuters)

From Sadr no to polls if US stays
Baghdad, Sept. 27

Many Thanks to our Friend Omar at ITM , for introducing Muyaed Naima to us, his readers, and for providing most of Naima powerful art works published in this tribute .
Muyaed Naima will be greatly missed.

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