Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Gela Seksztajn - Artist in Getto

Artworks by Ghetto Artists, A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Gela Seksztajn (1907-1942) Self-Portrait. Seksztajn lived and painted in the Warsaw ghetto. In her will, which was preserved along with her watercolors in the underground archives of the Warsaw ghetto, she wrote, "...I am now standing at the boundary between life and death. I already know for certain that I must die and that is why I want to bid farewell to my friends and to my work. Farewell, comrades and friends.

Jews! Do everything that such a tragedy will never be repeated!" She died in Treblinka in August of 1942.

Photo credit: Meczenstwo Walka, Zaglada Zydów Polsce 1939-1945. Poland. No. 172.

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